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As a rescuer, I've responded to avalanches that involved almost a dozen fatalities. BeaconReviews.com (now in its 15th year) was created to share what I've learned about avalanche transceivers and avalanche rescue. My goal is to provide current, independent, and scientifically objective information.

You can jump to the transceiver summary if you're in a hurry, but don't forget to review the avalanche rescue information and to practice frequently.

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Steve Achelis
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Updates, News and Rumors (more)

  • The Ortovox 3+ avalanche transceiver has been recalled. Read about the recall.
  • The section on avalanche rescue has been expanded and updated. Being a skilled rescuer is far more important that the brand of avalanche transceiver you own.
  • In addition to minor updates throughout the site, I also updated the page about avalanche transceiver batteries.
  • The Mammut Barryvox and Barryvox S have been released. I've only had minimal hands on time with these transceivers, but I expect them to be improved versions of the Element and Pulse. You can learn more about these avalanche transceivers here and download the user manuals.
  • Check out my smartphone Avalanche Inclinometer. This is the inclinometer for avy savvy backcountry travelers.