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Black Diamond Recon LT Avalanche Transceiver Review

The BD Recon LT was released in 2021 and discontinued in 2023.

Black Diamond Recon LT avalanche transceivers were recalled on April 27, 2023, because "in rare and unlikely circumstances" they can "enter search mode due to interference from other beacons". Read the details here.

Most Black Diamond and Pieps avalanche transceivers were recalled in 2022. You can test your transceiver without sending it back to the manufacturer. Read the details here.

Summary: The Black Diamond Recon LT was a promising avalanche transceiver that was available for less than two years. Initial reports implied it was as capable as the Recon BT at a fraction of the size. Unfortunately, it was recalled because "in rare and unlikely circumstances" it could "enter search mode due to interference from other beacons." The recall was for a firmware update, but Black Diamond also stopped selling the LT shortly thereafter. I contacted Black Diamond and they said it was fine to keep using Recon LT transceivers after they are updated, but they confirmed the transceiver has been discontinued.

The rating of this transceiver is tentative, at best. I was never able to test a Recon LT. The score shown here assumes that the Recon LT has similar functionality to the Recon BT and takes into consideration that the transceiver was discontinued. The score doesn't include extra value for its small size and lightweight.

Learn more about the recall of the Black Diamond Recon LT.

Model:  Recon LT
Manufacturer:  BD
Retail Price:  $349.95
(discontinued 2023)
Type:  Digital
Antennas:  3
Marking:  Yes
Updatable:  Yes
Owner's Manual:  Read It

Pros: Small and as functional as the existing BD/Pieps transceivers.

Cons: Discontinued after only two years.