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Black Diamond/Pieps Avalanche Transceiver Recall

Black Diamond Equipment announced a voluntary recall of essentially all Black Diamond and Pieps avalanche transceivers on July 28, 2022. You can test your transceiver without returning it to Black Diamond.

Affected Transceivers

Recalled transceivers

Cause and Symptoms

This recall is due to material handling "anomallies" during manufacturing.

In the case of the Micro avalanche transceivers, the foil containing the buttons may have been damaged during manufacturing. If this happened, the Micro Button and Race might not be able to switch into Search mode and the Micro Sensor might not be able to Mark during a multiple burial.

In the case of the other avalanche transceivers, damage to the magnetic switches might prevent them from switching into Search mode.

Scope of Problem

Black Diamond says that as of April 28, 2022 fewer than 0.53% of Pieps Micro and fewer than 0.07% of the other transceivers "have been reported with this problem." However, it is hard to quantify the scope of the problem because that date was three months before they announced the problem and instructed customers to test their transceivers. Please contact me if your transceiver fails the tests.

Testing Your Transceiver

Black Diamond published instructions on inspecting your Black Diamond and Pieps avalanche transceivers. The following links provide instructions based on the model of transceiver you own.

Warranty Claims

You can submit warranty a claim using an online form in Europe and North America. Contact your local Black Diamond distributor if you live outside these areas. You can also email Black Diamond.