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Testing the Recalled Pieps Micro BT Sensor Avalanche Transceiver

Black Diamond Equipment announced a voluntary recall of most Black Diamond and Pieps avalanche transceivers in 2022. This page explains how to test the Pieps Micro BT Sensor transceiver. Learn more about the recall.


  1. Turn the device on. Make sure the display is facing upwards and the proximity sensor is not covered.
  2. Wait for the display of the Software Version, as well as the Self Check Result and for the Group Check Countdown to be completed. The device is now in SEARCH mode ("--" search symbol displayed).
  3. Cover the sensor with your thumb until the countdown appears and keep it covered for the duration of the countdown so the beacon switches to SEND mode ("X" send symbol). To remain in SEND mode, keep the sensor covered.
  4. Uncover the sensor to switch to SEARCH mode. The lock symbol will appears on the middle-left side of the beacon. SEARCH mode is now locked. Switching to SEND mode by covering the sensor is no longer possible.
  5. Unlock SEARCH mode by holding the mark button for 3 seconds. The lock symbol will disappear.
  6. If switching between the modes and unlocking the SEARCH mode was successful, you are not required to contact Black Diamond.
  7. If unlocking the SEARCH mode is not possible, contact Black Diamond/Pieps.
  8. If your device is in Bluetooth mode after power on without pressing the Mark button, contact Black Diamond/Pieps.

Additional Checks using the Pieps App:

  1. Activate Bluetooth by pressing the MARK button while switching on beacon. As soon as the Bluetooth symbol appears on the display release the MARK button.
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your phone.
  3. Open the PIEPS App on your phone and click on "Connect Bluetooth Device."
  4. Select your device.
  5. Go to Device Check, press start and follow the instructions.
  6. Make sure the device check result shows "OK".
  7. If the device check is negative, contact Black Diamond/Pieps.

Please send me a note, too, if your transceiver fails these tests.

( Black Diamond's official instructions on testing your transceiver.)