Shopping? This is a good beacon/probe/shovel package.

ARVA Neo BT Pro Avalanche Transceiver Review

Image of a ARVA Neo BT Pro

I have not had an opportunity to test the ARVA Neo BT Pro. I expect it will be similar to the ARVA Neo Pro.

I see that ARVA is stating the Neo BT Pro's recommended search strip is 80 meters. If it is like other ARVA's, I suspect that attempting to detect a signal at that range may make the BT Pro susceptible to false alarms. Time will tell.

Steve's Score has been hardcoded to 4.0 pending a review of this transceiver.

Model:  Neo BT Pro
Manufacturer:  ARVA
Retail Price:  $429.95
Type:  <missing>
Antennas:  <missing>
Marking:  <missing>
Updatable:  <missing>
Owner's Manual:  Read It

Pros: Review pending.

Cons: Review pending.