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BCA Tracker4 Avalanche Transceiver Review

A limited number of Tracker4 avalanche transceivers were recalled in 2022 due to a problem with the On/Off/Search switch. BCA will replace these defective Tracker4 transceivers. Read the details here.

Summary: The Tracker4 is the successor to the almost identical Tracker3. Compared to the Tracker3, the Tracker4 has:

  • A slightly larger, rubberized case.
  • Larger, glove-friendly controls.



According to the manufacture, BCA, "It's not that different. That's the beauty of it." We agree that it isn't very different from the Tracker3, although the new name implies more significant changes. The new glove-friendly controls on the Tracker4 are a welcomed improvement, however, and a good reason to purchase a Tracker4 if you are also considering a Tracker3.

As with the Tracker S and Tracker3, the scan (aka " big picture") mode is excellent, the indication of a close proximity multiple-burial is nice, and the signal suppression seems very functional (albeit limited). And although the two-digit display, the shorter reception range, and displaying two people when there are multiple transmitters rather than displaying the number of transceivers are less than ideal, the Tracker4 is a solid contender.

Model:  Tracker4
Manufacture:  BCA
Retail Price:  $389.95
Type:  Digital
Antennas:  3
Marking:  Yes (1 for 1 minute)
Updateable:  Yes
Owner's Manual:  Read It

Pros: Small. Great scan mode.
Cons: Two-digit display, shorter perpendicular reception range, can mark only one transmitter and only for one minute.