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Updating the Pieps DSP Avalanche Transceiver


The Pieps DSP was the first avalanche transceiver to support updates. Now most avalanche transceivers support updates. The Pieps DSPs are updated via the earphone jack. This page explains updates to the Pieps DSP Sport and DSP Pro. ( Learn about updates to the original (yellow) Pieps DSP transceivers. Learn about updating other transceivers.)

You can send your transceiver to a Pieps Service Center and pay approximately $20us to have it updated. In 2013 Black Diamond announced that they would be selling a special cable which would allow customers to install updates, perform diagnostics, and control other options, but technical issues got in the way. They now only offer the cable to large retailers and fleets (e.g., ski patrols and guide services). User-updatable firmware is a great concept and we hope to see this feature in the future (the Tracker3 does support user-updates).

DSP Sport and DSP Pro

The version number of the DSP Sport and DSP Pro software is displayed immediately after you turn the device on.

Version Enhancements

July 2015

(Still the current update as of Fall 2016.)

Version 3.0:

  • Added the ability to automatically switch from search to send. Unlike other transceivers that support this feature, this can be enabled/disabled only at a Pieps service center (using a special cable). When enabled, "AR" blinks in the display while transmitting. The DSP Sport auto-reverts after 4 minutes; the DSP Pro auto-reverts after 1 minute without significant motion.
  • Added the ability to test the frequency, pulse length, and period length of another beacon. Learn how to use this feature.
  • "Optimized the software for improved performance" (whatever that means).

Learn more about the features in version 3.0.

November 2014

Version 2.0 added a new "beacon check" function (aka "group check") and improved the internal self-check, the search algorithm, the support for the TX600 dog transmitter, and support for the iProbe. The upgrade will need to be done at an authorized service center. Learn more about the features in version 2.0.

Version 1.5
February 2014

This version prevents a potential problem where the DSP Sport and DSP Pro might not receive a second transceiver's signal after marking a first transmitter in a very specific scenario. It also improved support for the Pieps TX600 (dog) transmitter.

Fall 2013

Initial release. (In the first few weeks following the release of the DSP Sport and DSP Pro, some units were shipped with a version 1.3 where the new features had not been fully tested. We'll have to see if Pieps chooses to jump to version 1.4 for the next release. UPDATE: The next release was version 1.5.)

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