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Pieps TX600 Avalanche Transceiver Review

Pieps CheckerSummary: The Pieps TX600 is a miniature transmitter for dogs and other equipment (like that pricey sled) that might be buried by an avalanche, but which should never be rescued before humans.

The TX600 transmits 1 kHz below the frequency used by avalanche transceivers (i.e., at 456 kHz), so it will not be received when searching for an avalanche transceiver. The original (yellow) Pieps DSP (with the version 8.2 update), the Pieps DSP Pro, and the Pieps Vector can be toggled into a special mode where they will then search for this off-frequency signal.

Model:  TX600
Manufacture:  Pieps
Retail Price:  $149.95
Score:  N/A
Type:  Digital
Antennas:  1 (transmit only)
Marking:  N/A
Updateable:  No
Owner's Manual:  Download

Pros: Unique. Saves the canine who might save you.
Cons: Requires a compatible transceiver (i.e., a certain DSP models).