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Updating the BCA Tracker3 Avalanche Transceiver


The Tracker3 can be updated from a PC (not a Mac) using a Mini-B USB cable and the "T3 Utility Software." However, the software is no longer available for download. BCA told me they would make the software available again when they release updated firmware.

The T3 Utility Software will also perform a self test and generate a self-test report.

To determine which version of software is in your Tracker3:

  1. Turn your Tracker3 off.
  2. Hold the Options button pressed.
  3. Turn on the unit.
  4. Release the button when "T3" is displayed.
  5. An unusual-looking "r" will be displayed followed by the version number (without a decimal point).
Version Enhancements

Early 2016

(Still the current version as of Fall 2019.)

Version 3.3 of the Tracker3 software:

  • Improved signal suppression for better performance at greater range.
  • Buffered the "big picture" mode to make it easier to see and interpret the distance and direction indicators.
  • Changed the sounds from the current "Super Mario" tones so they are more like the Tracker2.
  • Added the ability to run diagnostic tests and generate a report based on the tests.

Fall 2014

In version 2.3, you can press the Option button to display the remaining battery percentage while in transmit mode.

January 2014

Initial release of the Tracker3.