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ARVA Evo3+ Avalanche Transceiver Review

The ARVA Evo3+ was released in 2011 and discontinued in 2015.

Image of a ARVA Evo3+

Summary: The Evo3+ is identical to the ARVA Evo3, but it indicates if there is one, two, or more than two victims whereas the Evo3 showed if there was one or more than one victims. Early versions of this beacon supported the marking of a multiple burial by toggling the "nose" switch. In late 2013 a dedicated "mark" button was added as well as the option to purchase the transceiver in red or orange. (Read about multiple burials and transceiver marking on The Evo3+ was replaced by the Evo4 in 2015.

Multiple Burials: Searching for multiple burials with the pre-2013 version of the Evo3+ is similar to the multiple burial features in the Evolution+ and Evo3, except the behavior when you toggle the "nose" is different. In the Evolution+ and Evo3, toggling the nose activates a "scan mode." In the pre-2013 Evo3+, it "marks" (i.e., ignores) the current signal. (The transceiver displays "CE" momentarily after toggling, and then again when you get halfway to the second victim.) A dedicated "mark" button was added to the Evo3+ in late-2013.

As with the other ARVA Evo harnesses, you'll have to remove the harness from your body before you can perform a fine search .

The Evo3+ is an easy-to-use beacon with a relatively short reception range and less than intuitive multiple burial marking.

Model:  Evo3+
Manufacturer:  ARVA
Retail Price:  $289.00
(discontinued 09/2015)
Type:  Digital
Antennas:  3
Marking:  Yes
Updatable:  No
Owner's Manual:  Read It

Pros: Improved multiple burial features (compared to Evo3).

Cons: Confusing marking of multiple burials, bulky.