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Updating the Ortovox Diract and Diract Voice Avalanche Transceivers

Diract Voice

The Ortovox Diract and Ortovox Diract Voice avalanche transceivers can be updated via Bluetooth using the Ortovox app (download the app from the Apple or Google stores). ( Learn about updating other transceivers.)

The ability to update your beacon is important, because it allows you to get enhancements and new features without purchasing a new avalanche transceiver. The software version number on Diract transceivers is displayed for several seconds when you turn off the transceiver.

To connect via Bluetooth:

  1. Turn off your Diract.
  2. Press and hold the Power and Flag buttons until the Bluetooth symbol appears on your transceiver. The words "Not Connected" will be displayed below the symbol.
  3. Release the buttons.
  4. Run the Ortovox app on your phone and follow its instructions.

Lear more about updating Diract avalanche transceivers on Ortovox's website.

Version Enhancements


  • New interference warning in search mode. Icon in the top left corner of the display.
  • Send screen stays "awake" more often during send mode confirming device is still on, displaying "SEND" every three seconds rather than every eight seconds.
  • Recommendation screens if send mode is impaired to move away from metal or electronics.
  • Improvements of the "turn around" arrow detection.
  • New update screen during firmware update.
  • Device name is shown on start screen.
  • "Go slow" speech command at 14m distance in search mode.
  • Signal list and flagged signals shown during the fine search.
  • Improvement of command "you were closer" during the fine search.
  • Group check warns if the sender frequency is out of spec.
  • Wider range of display contrast setting in combination with the Ortovox App.
  • Warning is shown if device is charged constantly. Battery saver function.
  • Warning screen "No SEND" if charge cable is connected.
  • General improvements in user experience.


This was the initial version that was released to the public.

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