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Updating the Ortovox 3+ Avalanche Transceiver

Ortovox 3+

The Ortovox 3+ can be updated using an infrared interface. The ability to update your beacon is important, because it allows you to get enhancements and new features without purchasing a new avalanche transceiver. (Learn about updates to other transceivers)

To determine which version of software is installed on your 3+:

  • Turn on your 3+
    • The screen displays the serial number (five two-digit numbers).
    • The screen displays a screen test (i.e., everything is displayed momentarily).
    • The battery percentage is displayed.
    • The version number is displayed.

Ortovox usually charges $25 to update transceivers, although some updates are free. Contact Ortovox USA or find a dealer on the Ortovox website for details.

Version Enhancements


This software version was released in June, 2020. The announcement only said, "Improvement of the self-test when switching on the avalanche transceiver."

You can complete a "Service Card" to get your 3+ updated.


This software version was released on May, 2018. It replaces a potentially serious bug in the version 2.1 software. Read about the recall of version 2.1.


This software version was recalled in May 2018. Read about the recall.

Enhancements to version 2.1 as published by Ortovox (Confusing text? Ja!):

  • Better accuracy of distance indication (from first signal to 20 meters).
  • Louder and more intuitive search sound.
  • Earlier fine search: Sound at 3.0m and display at 2.5m.
  • Sound indications (On, battery level, error during self test, error during partner check, Send, Search, flagging successful, flagging not possible).
  • Smart Antenna indication for 20 seconds.
  • All errors now displayed as a code plus "EE".


Enhancements to version 1.1 as published by Ortovox:

  • Simultaneous and faster initial display of direction, distance and sound.
  • Improved Partner-Check.
  • Greater backward compatibility with analog devices.
  • Acoustic warning 10 seconds before the automatic "revert to transmit" mode. (Previous versions emitted a very quiet clicking sound after reverting.)
  • Acoustic warning if the device is switched on but has remained stationary for 30 minutes (switch-off reminder).

Initial Release

First release of the 3+ software.

This version did not display a version number on startup.