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Updating Mammut Barryvox Avalanche Transceivers

Mammut Barryvox
Mammut Barryvox

The Mammut Barryvox and Mammut Barryvox S transceivers can be updated using a special wireless link. This can be done at Mammut service centers and at "Mammut Avalanche Safety Centers." In North America, you can also call 800-451-5127 to learn where you can get your transceiver updated. It costs about $35us to update Barryvox transceivers.

Beginning with version 3.0, you can update your transceiver using another Barryvox transceiver. This is a fantastic feature that will make it easier to keep your transceiver's software up to date. (The two transceivers must be the same model, i.e., either two Barryvox or two Barryvox S transceivers. The devices must be configured for the same w-link region, i.e., the EU or US/NZ/AU. This feature will not work on devices purchased in Japan.)

During startup, the Barryvox displays the version number in the upper-left corner of the display and the Barryvox S displays the version number in the lower-left corner.

The ability to update your beacon is important, because it allows you to get enhancements and new features without purchasing a new avalanche transceiver. (Learn how to update other transceivers.)

The following version information applies to both the Barryvox and Barryvox S transceivers.

Version Enhancements

October 2018

Version 3.0 was released on October 4, 2018. This is a suggested, but not required, update.

Beginning with version 3.0, you can update the transceiver's firmware directly (transceiver-to-transceiver). This is a great addition, as you will no longer need to ship your transceiver to a service center or locate a participating retailer (and pay ~$35). Although I haven't tested this feature, the instructions in the user manual look straightforward.

Other changes to version 3.0 (per Mammut) include:

  • Greater precision and speed of signal analysis
  • Improved stability of the marking function during signal overlaps
  • Optimized direction display after reception of the first signal results in fewer U-turn indications
  • Improved structure and stability of the list of buried subjects
  • Improved battery life display
  • Optimized interference resistance results in less interference from electronics (smartphones, headlamps, radios, smart watches, etc.) which will reduce false-positive signals when searching
  • Improved group check now allows checking groups larger than 15
  • "Send confirm" function for situations when space does not permit a full group check

The following enhancements apply only to the Barryvox S avalanche transceiver and only when the "Pro Search" mode is turned on:

  • Improved alternative search mode provides improved resolution of the analog tone while searching
  • "Pro-check" allows guides and group leaders to confirm transmitter frequency as well as pulse length and cycle duration to predict whether signal overlap is likely within a group

Fall 2017

The Barryvox and Barryvox S were released in late 2017. I am almost certain the first release was version 1.0, but there is a chance it was named version 2.0. In either case, version 3.0 was the first update to the Barryvox firmware.

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