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Updating the BCA Tracker2 Avalanche Transceiver


The Tracker2 software can be updated (Learn about updates to other transceivers). The update is done using an infrared interface.

The ability to update your beacon is important, because it allows you to get enhancements and new features without purchasing a new avalanche transceiver. Unfortunately, you'll need to send your Tracker2 to the manufacture to update it.

March 3, 2020: BCA announced that they are working on a software update to resolve a frequency transmission problem that occurs if you leave your Tracker2 in transmit mode for more than 12 hours. Read the details.

To determine which version of software is in your Tracker2:

  1. Remove one battery.
  2. Turn on the unit.
  3. Reinstall the battery.

The screen will display T2, r, the revision number, and the battery percentage. For example, the following indicate that this is a Tracker2, using software revision 03, and the batteries are charged to 99%.

, , ,

The cost to update a Tracker2 is $20. This can be done by shipping your transceiver to BCA or by contacting one of BCA's location representatives. Contact BCA for the details.

Version Enhancements


(Still the current update as of Fall 2015.)

  • This update prevents the Tracker2 from entering reprogramming mode if there is a brief interruption in the power supply. Along with the new software, you will also receive a new front with anti-static material and stiffer action on the return-to-transmit tab. You can read BCA's announcement about the upgrade and the subsequent announcement saying the upgrade wasn't as important as originally thought.


  • Slightly improved range at cold temperatures.
  • Wider "window" for the directional lights (immediately to left and right of center).
  • Improved distance calibration.
  • Less "tr" flashing at startup.