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Educational Avalanche Images

I created the images on this page for my avalanche education presentations. Although they are copyrighted, you may use them provided:

  1. The images are only used for educational purposes.
  2. The images are not altered and the text that appears on the images is unchanged.

Also, if you use a rescue photo that shows an avalanche fatality, please be respectful when you display that image. I am sharing those photos to educate the public and prevent deaths. Thanks.

Fair enough? Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Click on an image to download it or click on a "Preview" button to see the image in a popup window.

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Avalanche Terminology (click to hide)

These images show the parts of an avalanche. You can show one after the other in your presentation, or simply show the last image.



Avalanche Crown


Avalanche Crown Face


Avalanche Flank


Avalanche Bed


Avalanche Stauchwall


Avalanche Debris


Avalanche Toe


Avalanche Trigger


Avalanche Rescue (click to hide)

Although these images do not have the animated skier that you may have seen in my presentations, they do show the logical progression of an avalanche rescue.



Point Last Seen


Clues Search


Search Strip Width


Signal Search Complete


Coarse Search Start


Coarse Search End


Fine Search 1


Fine Search 2


Fine Search 3


Fine Search 4


Fine Search 5


Fine Search 6


Rescue Summary


Transceiver Summary

This image animates

Fine Search Video

(Questionable Narration...)

Transceiver Probing Images (click to hide)

Probe Angle

This image animates.

Probe Spacing

This image animates.


Cavemen pushing sticks into the ground.

Probeline 1


Probeline 2


Avalanche Shoveling Images (click to hide)


This is a recovery.


This is a recovery.


This is a recovery.


This is a recovery.


Deep burial (recovery).


This is a recovery.


Please use this image appropriately!


Please use this image appropriately!

Probeline Images (click to hide)

Probeline—Title Page

Slide 1 of 6


Slide 2 of 6


Slide 3 of 6

Probeline—Lines People

Slide 4 of 6


Slide 5 of 6

Probeline—Probe Strike

Slide 6 of 6

Motorized Rescue (click to hide)

Snowcat and Helicopter


Snowcat and Helicopter


Interviewing Witness


Snowmobile Rescue Team


More Rescue Photos (click to hide)



Sunset Searching



Please use this image appropriately!


Please use this image appropriately!


Please use this image appropriately!

Avalanche Snow Grains (click to hide)

Surface Hoar


Avalanche Recipe


Terrain Images (click to hide)

Slope Scale


Accidents by Steepness




Measuring Steepness


Slopes Above

Flat terrain? Two people are buried here.


Cornice with wind scouring.


Unaware of cornice?


Earth line under cornice.


Cornice danger zone.



Avalanche Path


Other Images (click to hide)


ALPTRUTh data in a clean chart.


ALPTRUTh table (form).

Survival Time

Think drowning.

Avalanche Road

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Probability of Survival


Transceiver Flux Lines


Transceiver Flux Lines


Water Weight


Water Weight


Water Weight