Shopping? This is a good beacon/probe/shovel package.

SOS F1-SB Avalanche Transceiver Review

The SOS F1-SB was released in <missing> and discontinued in ~2008.

Image of a SOS F1-SB

The now-discontinued SOS-SB includes the same features as the (also discontinued) SOS F1-ND. In addition, it can locate an SOS "Bug Device" which is attached to skis, a dog collar, a snowmobile, etc. You activate the "bug" search by pressing a recessed button on the bottom of the beacon.

Model:  F1-SB
Manufacturer:  SOS
Retail Price:  $287.00
(discontinued ~2008)
Type:  Analog
Antennas:  1
Marking:  No
Updatable:  No
Owner's Manual:  Read It

Pros: An Ortovox F1, plus a dog/snowmobile transmitter.

Cons: See the Ortovox F1 "Cons", bogus "digital" claims.