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Ortovox D3 Avalanche Transceiver Review

The Ortovox D3 was released in 2006(?) and discontinued in 09/2010.

The Ortovox D3 is a three-antenna digital transceiver (versus the X1 and Patroller which are dual mode analog and digital). It displays the distance indicator and direction indicator when it first locks on to the transmitting beacon (at a short 35 meters in my testing).

As with the Ortovox Patroller (and unlike all other three-antenna transceivers), the D3 struggled to resolve spikes. In my testing, the Patroller and D3 performed a little better than two antenna transceivers at resolving spikes, but a careful fine search repeatedly resulted in the transceiver being over the spikes rather than over the victim.

I tested four different D3s and the direction indicator (as with the X1's) was jumpy and sluggish (frequently slow to change the direction indicator when more than 20 meters from the victim).

Considering the jumpy direction indicator and the fact that this three-antenna avalanche transceiver does not accurately resolve spikes, I'm under-impressed and would not recommend the D3.


Model:  D3
Manufacture:  Ortovox
Retail Price:  $315.00
(discontinued 09/2010)
Type:  Digital
Antennas:  3
Marking:  No
Updateable:  No
Owner's Manual:  Read It

Pros: Simple interface.
Cons: Short range, poor handling of spikes, sluggish direction indicator, two-digit display.