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As a rescuer, I've responded to avalanches that involved almost a dozen fatalities. BeaconReviews.com (now in its 13th year) was created to share what I've learned about avalanche transceivers and avalanche rescue. My goal is to provide current, independent, and scientifically objective information.

You can jump to the transceiver summary if you're in a hurry, but don't forget to review the avalanche rescue information and to practice frequently.

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Steve Achelis
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News and Rumors

  • I will be testing more than 40 avalanche transceivers this weekend for the mother-of-all range tests. The photo on the right shows the transceivers queued for a trip to the mountains.
  • I released an Avalanche Inclinometer for iOS. This is the inclinometer for avy savvy backcountry travelers.
  • The Pieps Micro and ARVA Axio have been released. We will add additional details after we spend some time with these transceivers.
  • Make sure you check the page about updating your avalanche transceiver and that you have the latest software.
  • Read the latest news and rumors.